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  • Portable Form Quality Tables and Coding Guide
  • Portable Form Quality Tables and Coding Guide

Portable Form Quality Tables and Coding Guide

This convenient, light, and compact reference guide contains the R-PAS Form Quality tables and other quick reference information for coding all variables. It is designed as a handy and accessible supplement to the R-PAS manual for quick reference. (5.5 x 8.5 inch / 14 x 21.6 cm format)

Note: Purchase of this product is restricted to qualified users who have relevant training in test use.
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0.490 lb

Product Features:

  • Overview of Response Level Codes

  • Content Class descriptions and review of Popular Responses, Determinants, Cognitive and Thematic Codes as well as detailed examples of Oral Dependent Language and Aggressive Content

  • Card Location overviews at beginning of each FQ card section

  • Detailed listing of Form Quality items for each card


Spanish Translation of the Portable Guide:

The Spanish edition of the "Coding and Quality Tables Guide" is now available for purchase. Please see below our recommendations on how to acquire the translation depending on your location:

  • Customers in Mexico: The Portable Guide can be purchased directly through Amazon here
  • Customers in other Spanish-speaking countries: Although Amazon offers this Portable Guide when the destination country is changed to another Spanish-speaking country, we recommend contacting Psimatica directly at admin@psimatica.com. This allows them to confirm availability and manually process your order, ensuring the guide is printed directly in your country, thereby reducing shipping costs.
  • Customers in the United States: Psimatica has a printing company in the U.S. ready to receive orders and send the books to any State. Please write to admin@psimatica.com to manage your purchase.