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  • Response Recording Booklet - Portrait
  • Response Recording Booklet - Portrait

Response Recording Booklet - Portrait

Provides a comprehensive means to document an R-PAS administration. The 44-page booklet provides ample room for recording of Response and Clarification Phase data as well as four inkblot images per card for location documentation. Each pack contains 10 response recording booklets in portrait orientation.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 x 0.8 inches

Note: Purchase of this product is restricted to qualified users who have relevant training in test use.
Please register for an R-PAS account to purchase this item. (Registration is free.)
Unit price :
2.200 lb

Product Features:

  • The booklet provides a comprehensive tool for documenting an administration that is ideal for new learners or seasoned administrators

  • Context and Behavioral Observation Recording section

  • Coding Reference Key to assist user during Clarification Phase

  • Color card images in four orientations for easy location documentation

  • Response & Clarification Sections for each card

  • Administration Guidelines with helpful suggestions for task completion

  • Ample room for recording Response and Clarification Phase communications including two pages for each card, providing room for up to four responses

  • Contains reminders of all codes in a concise visual display that guides clarification questions

  • Booklets can be used with the R-PAS Administration Binder or clipboard