Terms of Use for R-PAS Account Holders

September 30, 2016

  1. Rorschach Performance Assessment System®, LLC (R-PAS®) is an independent publisher of psychological assessment books and materials. It also provides scoring and interpretive services for account and subaccount holders at r-pas.org. R-PAS does not provide clinical advice or offer any professional opinions concerning the characteristics or clinical status of any individual. It is designed for use by qualified professionals as one source of information to consider in making clinical judgments in their professional work. It is not a substitute for professional psychological or psychiatric advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor do R-PAS scores or interpretive statements qualify as diagnoses. Responsibility for all professional services rests solely with the account holder in his or her professional capacity.

  2. R-PAS scores and any interpretive output derived from them depend for their accuracy on proper administration and accurate coding by the test user. It is the responsibility of the test user to become proficient in R-PAS administration and coding in order to obtain validly interpretable results.

  3. By registering as an R-PAS account owner, obtaining a unique password, and providing your Contact Information, you agree:

    1. That you are professionally qualified by the laws of your state, province, district, territory, or country to conduct psychological testing for clinical purposes and that you did not misrepresent who you are, your education and training, or other credentials to obtain your R-PAS account.
    2. That any subaccounts you create will be maintained and supervised by you in accordance with all applicable legal and ethical guidelines and that all subaccount holders will be directed to review the terms of use stipulated here and held to them.
    3. That you and any of your subaccount holders will use screen shots or pages from the r-pas.org website or output from the R-PAS scoring program or Case-Based Interpretive Guide only for clinical, research, or educational purposes on a per-case basis, consistent with the R-PAS Policies Regarding the Reproduction or Transmission of Screen Displays and Test Output.
    4. That you and any of your subaccount holders assume complete responsibility for implementing reasonable privacy policies for your clients in compliance with applicable law, that you will not store individually identifiable Protected Health Information as defined by the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1993 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule under your account on the R-PAS website, and that you recognize that R-PAS does not assume the status or obligations of a Business Associate under the HIPAA Privacy or Security Rules.
    5. That you and any of your subaccount holders consent to receive e-mails from us, including newsletters and other commercial electronic mail messages, unless you advise us in writing or by email that you do not wish to receive e-mail from us.
    6. If you have account sub-users or have assistants or students working with you under a clinical, teaching, or research account, that you will provide appropriate supervision of their activities and will ensure they not violate these Terms of Use.
    7. That you and any of your subaccount holders agree each of you is solely responsible for backing up all data and records generated using the R-PAS scoring program, that R-PAS is not responsible for any data loss concerning your clients or respondents, and that R-PAS may delete your account and all associated records after 36 months of inactivity on your account.
    8. That your R-PAS account does not grant you any property right or interest in the intellectual property, tools, or content available on the r-pas.org website.
    9. That you and any of your subaccount holders will indemnify and hold harmless R-PAS and its owners, employees, and contractors against any loss, injury, damage, or expense that may arise out of or be connected with your use of the R-PAS scoring program or that of any individual under your control or supervision.

  4. Account and subaccount holders assume their own risk in using R-PAS products and services. The R-PAS scoring program and all R-PAS products and services are provided “as is” and “with all faults” and without express or implied warranties of any kind, except as otherwise strictly required by applicable law.

  5. R-PAS reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of any account or subaccount holder or their access to the website at any time without notice, with or without cause, in the exercise of R-PAS's absolute discretion. R-PAS may modify the scoring program or any product or service that is provided by or made available on the website at any time, without prior notice to you. R-PAS disclaims liability for loss of data or any other direct, consequential, or collateral damages from any modification, suspension, or termination of access to this site.